PomegranatesPOMEGRANATES (Cincinnati) Indie Pop: It’s been a good year for our young local heroes. In April, the quartet dropped its second full-length, Everybody Come Outside, a dynamic slab of Indie Pop anchored by the album’s shimmering centerpiece, “Corriander.” Positive notices (and a CityBeat cover) followed, as did an extended tour that brought in even more converts via the Poms’ infectious, sweaty live shows. These guys are going nowhere but up.

Dig: A less precious Vampire Weekend, Eno-era Talking Heads, Wolf Parade on a sugar high. (JG)

Know Theatre Dewey’s Upstairs 12 am Friday Check them out on Myspace.

Daughters and Sons

Daughters and SonsDAUGHTERS AND SONS (Cincinnati) Funk/Rock: These winners of the 2008 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for “Best Funk/R&B” band have accomplished a lot since forming just a couple of years ago, becoming a top draw in the local clubs thanks to an energized, sweat-inducing live show. D&S’s horn-laden sound is so authentic, listening to the group’s recordings might lead you to believe someone slipped on some ’70s Soul/Funk while you weren’t paying attention. Frontman/guitarist William “Nitty” Morren’s voice has the depth, flexibility and soul of some of that era’s most expressive vocalists and the band is bulletproof.

Dig: Curtis Mayfield, Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown.

Cadillac Ranch 11 p.m. Friday Check them out on Myspace

The Ambassadors

The Ambassadors THE AMBASSADORS (Brooklyn, N.Y.) Indie Rock/Pop: This foursome slips some light electronic flavoring into its interesting Indie Pop stew, which features watery guitar lines and dynamic songwriting that ranges from passionate and low-key to intense and in-your-face.

Dig: Phoenix and Tahiti 80 jamming and occasionally wandering into some stabbing, urgent Rock.

Below Zero Lounge 9:40 p.m. Friday Check them out on Myspace

Anni Rossi

Anni Rossi Anni Rossi (Chicago) Indie/Art Pop: An almost lifetime musician with classical training, singer/songwriter Anni Rossi has lived in Los Angeles, Minnesota and Chicago, where she is currently headquartered as she works on her burgeoning music career which is off to a great start (Rossi is just 23). Rossi’s minimalist approach (light cello and acoustic guitar only occasionally get percussion accompaniment and when they do it’s usually just soft clicks) gives ample space for her flexible vocals, which deliver elastic melodies that climb, jerk and trickle. Rossi records for 4AD/Beggars and her latest release is the Steve Albini-helmed Rockwell.

Dig: The long-awaited Tom Waits/Joanna Newsom collaborative project, Liz Phair’s first acoustic demo, Feist with a raging case of music hiccups. (MB)

Mr. Pitiful’s 12 am Friday Check her out on Myspace

Extra Golden

Extra Golden EXTRA GOLDEN (Washington, D.C./Nairobi, Kenya)
 African Psych Folk: Five years ago, Golden guitarist Ian Eagleson was doing graduate work in Kenya and became entranced with the region’s Benga music scene and met Otieno Jagwasi, guitarist for Extra Solar Africa. Eagleson and Jagwasi ultimately recorded a laptop session of their combined bands that became Ok-Oyo System, the debut album by Extra Golden. Jagwasi passed away the following year and Eagleson was determined to keep the project going as a tribute to his late friend. Adding Benga player Opiyo Bilongo, Extra Golden continues in the spirit of its origins with its latest album, Thank You Very Quickly.

Dig: The marriage of real African Pop rhythms with real American Indie Rock. (BB)

Havana Martini Club 12 am Friday Check them out on Myspace