Tracy Walker

Tracy WalkerTRACY WALKER (Cincinnati) Acoustic Folk Soul Pop: A longtime presence in the Cincinnati music scene and one of the most beloved singer/songwriters in the area, Tracy Walker’s soulful Neo Folk songs are made transcendent by her stunning voice, a powerful instrument that sends chills up the spines of most anyone within hearing distance with a heart. Walker has released two widely acclaimed full-lengths and her regular touring has made her a regional favorite.

Dig: Singer/songwriters whose singing and songwriting are equally jaw-dropping.

Coffee Emporium 7:30 p.m. Friday Check her out on Myspace

Magic Shop

Magic ShopMAGIC SHOP (Detroit) Garage Country/Rock: With a vintage sound driven by chiming guitars and head-bob beats, Magic Shop is a Motown-based Garage band with a rootsy streak and a solid knack for Pop songwriting. The vocals have some of that Iggy swagger, with a hint of a snarl creeping out of the alluring melodies.

Dig: Early Stones jam with early Byrds in Mudhoney’s basement.

Blue Wisp Jazz Club 11 pm Friday Check them out on Myspace

The Vanguard

The VanguardTHE VANGUARD (New York) Indie Rock/Pop: The Vanguard was created Zeus according to its bio. I have my doubts, but if the king of gods did magically make the band, I think he has a thing for reflective Pop with a ’70s Soft Rock vibe and hints of shimmery ’80s College Rock. The foursome has won praise from Matt Pinfield, and many Web sites and music blogs.

Dig: The sonic equivalent of resting in a field of lilies with rays of the sun in your eyes, reflecting on love gone wrong and how to make it right.

Below Zero Lounge 11:30 pm Friday Check them out on Myspace


SalientSALIENT (Nashville) Rock: Salient make earnest Radio Rock with an uplifting, redemptive slant. The band has been at it since 2002, releasing its own recordings and having some success pushing the music to radio. This year, the group was signed to ToneCrash Records and the members have spent this year preparing a new album with Grammy/Dove Award winner Barry Blair of Christian Rock faves Audio Adrenaline.

Dig: Stone Temple Pilots with a sober, saved and non-cynical Weiland.

Mainstay Rock Bar 8 pm Friday Check them out on Myspace

#MPMF: Fan Feedback thru

LIVE Thanks to a clever web-based application developed by Topic Design, any person with internet connectivity or a Cincinnati Bell Wireless account will have the ability to participate in a unique peer-to-peer social platform that will pull, integrate and present real-time tweets, texts and form feeds online at

Twitter or text your friends, performers, or strangers at the fest by tweeting #MPMF or texts to 4632 from Cincinnati Bell Wireless.

During the fest, will be displayed on monitors at participating venues, including the jumbo screen on Fountain Square and on the side of Grammer's. It's one more way you can be a part of history at MidPoint.