Here lies the full schedule for MPMF09. Use the links above to jump to a day by day detailed view of venue's and showtimes, or scroll down to begin exploring all the great bands and venues lined up for this year.

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Arnold’s Bar and Grill Spookfloaters / The Greens / Stick Figure Drawings / Al Hidalgo Below Zero Lounge CHILDE / Karate Coyote / Goose / Light In August Blue Wisp Jazz Club The Young Republic / Middle Distance Runner / Ketch Harbour Wolves / Western Civ / Ruetschle Cadillac Ranch Noctaluca / Ellery / Watson Park / Mardelay / Samantha Tieger Coffee Emporium MidPoint Songwriters in the Round Thursday / Damen Samuel / Serenity Fisher Contemporary Arts Center The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir / The Seedy seeds / Loyal Divide / Chemic Courtyard Cafe On Main Come On Caboose / Jookabox / Kuchi Guru / Fists of Love / Where They Landed Fountain Square The Young Republic / Shayna Zaid and the Catch Grammer's Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit / The Elms Havana Martini Club Giselle Grayson / Winslow / The Uniphonics / Abiyah / Tropidelic Inner Peace Center Mock Orange / Kinetic Stereokids / The Harlequins / Aficionado Javier's Mexican Restaurant instrument / Shayna Zaid and the Catch / Cassavettes / The Broderick Know Theatre The Bloodsugars / Look Mexico / Vanity Theft / Makers of Sense / John The Savage / Moon High Madonna's Bar & Grill‎ The Tillers / Rubber Knife Gang / The Rattlesnakin Daddies / Messerly and Ewing Mainstay Rock Bar Rosella / Halo Stereo / Loudmouth / Stereo Deluxe Mr Pitiful's Come On Go With Us / Eric Matthew Tepe / Cash Flagg / Mike Fair and the Adventure Seekers Southgate House Deke Dickerson backed by The Modern Sounds / Straw Boss Subway Bar and Lounge Banderas / The Way Downs / Black Signal / Charlie Hustle The Lodge Bar Buckra / The States / The Free Press / The Smith Bros. The Segway Room Lightning Love / Culture Queer / The Daredevil Christopher Wright / The Sleeping Sea Washington Platform Brighton, MA / Rego / The Brian Stewart Band / The Prohibitionists / The Electric Souls


Arnold’s Bar and Grill The Kentucky Struts / The Jack Fords / John Eichleay / Carley Tanchon / Harmony Gullette Below Zero Lounge Hank and Cupcakes / The Vanguard / The Ambassadors / The Aviation Orange / Freelance Whales / Kingsfoil Blue Wisp Jazz Club The Sundresses / Magic Shop / Scotty Lust and the Two Timers / mallory Cadillac Ranch Daughters and Sons / My My My / Old School Abbey / Courtenay Green Coffee Emporium MidPoint Songwriters in the Round Friday / Russell Howard / Andrea Belanger / Tracy Walker Contemporary Arts Center The Baltic sea / johnnytwentythree / ric hordinski / The Moon and the Stars Courtyard Cafe On Main The Frankl Project / 46 Long / Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar / Koala Fires / Mad Anthony Fountain Square Mean Tambourines / Mavis 'Swan' Poole / The Uniphonics / The Hotcakes Grammer's Heartless Bastards / The Wildbirds / The Lions Rampant Havana Martini Club Extra Golden / The Chocolate Horse / Troubadour Dali / Dick Prall / Ghost of a Stranger Inner Peace Center Harley Poe / Amo Joy / Kentucky Nightmare / The Dead Beats / Thunderhawk Javier's Mexican Restaurant Son Del Caribe Know Theatre Pomegranates / Javelins / Enlou / Terribly Empty Pockets / Love in October / Dewey's Pizza Employee Showcase (TBA) Madonna's Bar & Grill‎ Dare Dukes / Whitney B. / Shiny and the Spoon / Wonky Tonk Mainstay Rock Bar Red Card Royale / Jiva / Echo Son / MachineGun Mojo / Salient Mr Pitiful's The Hotcakes / John William Gordon / II JUICY / Eric Wilson and the Empty Hearts Southgate House The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker / Jon Justice Band / The Mighty / Lab Partners / Frontier Folk Nebraska / The Atriums / Los Honchos Subway Bar and Lounge For Feather / Matthew Shelton’s Picnic / Eagle to Squirrel Variety Hour / Before Dawn / GreyMarket The Lodge Bar Kink Ador / The Pinstripes / Creatures! / Blastronauts The Segway Room The Super Desserts / Say It With A Smile / Wake The Bear / Matthew Pop / for algernon Washington Platform Brandon Dawson / Pamela Richardson / The Crick Gypsies / Jake Speed and the Freddies


Arnold’s Bar and Grill William F. Gibbs / Len's Lounge / Brett Rosenberg / Nathan Xander / Karl Walters Jr. Trio Below Zero Lounge Anni Rossi / Telling On Trixie / Chico Fellini / Son of the Sun / Persona Grata / Section 4 Blue Wisp Jazz Club God Made Me Funky / Eclipse / LAZ / Sexual Disaster Quartet / The Syd Natanists Cadillac Ranch Mean Tambourines / Finding Fiction / Hugo / In Cadeo / The Lighthouse and The Whaler Coffee Emporium Caleb Hawley / MidPoint Songwriters in the Round Saturday / Mary Bragg / Kathleen Haskard / Scott Metcalf Contemporary Arts Center The Dø / You, You’re Awesome / The Subjects / Geographer Courtyard Cafe On Main Hollus / James and the Rainbros / Stucco Jones / Sparrow Bellows / Aeolian Race Fountain Square The Wildbirds / Terribly Empty Pockets / Mia Carruthers and the Retros / The Trouble with Boys Grammer's Chairlift / Micachu and The Shapes / Eat Sugar Havana Martini Club Sirens On Sunday / B.SOUL / B K Jackson / Crazy Legs / Nick Arnold Inner Peace Center decibully / Early Day Miners / Fairmount Girls / The Happy Maladies Javier's Mexican Restaurant The Black Owls / Sohio / Pale Hollow / Detox Retox / The Flux Capacitors Know Theatre Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles / Wussy / stephaniesid / The Zest of Yore / Tinhorn Molly / Twilight Revival / Hojas Rojas Madonna's Bar & Grill‎ Jeff Scott Roberson / Rebel Red / Lauren Frost / Louise Mosrie / Flaregun Mainstay Rock Bar Black Saints Cartel / Sweet Cyanide / Numa / The Highgears / Lead Pipe Cinch Mr Pitiful's Mavis 'Swan' Poole / Dirk Quinn Band / Annie and the Beekeepers / Tumbledown House Southgate House Buffalo Killers / J. Dorsey Blues Revival / Oxford Cotton / Ed fROMOHIO (ex fIREHOSE) / Ampline / The Read / State Song Subway Bar and Lounge Coltrane Motion / Crooks & Children / The Minor Leagues / Flotation Walls / Tristen Shields The Lodge Bar Yourself and the Air / The Rosewood Thieves / Paper Airplane / Parachute Musical / Bojibian The Segway Room Sinker / Captain Kneal and the Noisemakers / Toy Horses / The Sewing Circle / Nelly Kate Washington Platform Yardsale / Matt Stell and the Crashers / Mack West / Bowery Boy Blue / Lewis Brothers