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When do tickets go on sale?
Tickets are on sale now. Order today!
How/Where can I buy tickets?
You can buy online and in select stores in the Cincinnati area.
Do I have to buy a single ticket to every show I see?
We have three-day passes, which will allow access to all MidPoint shows. We also have single day passes that get you in to all the shows on an individual day. Go ahead and get a three-day pass because you may regret it later.
What happens if I lose my ticket?
Sorry, we can’t refund or reissue lost tickets. So put it in the safe til September.
Are there any benefits to buying a three-day pass?
We are planning to have a secret show only accessible to three-day ticket holders. The show will be on a first come, first serve basis, and so you’ll need to get there early!
A secret show? Tell me more!
If we told you more, it wouldn’t be a secret. Keep your eyes here on MPMF.COM, because we’ll probably drop some über-cryptic hints.

The Festival

What/Where/When is Midpoint?
MidPoint is a music festival in Downtown and Over-the-Rhine Cincinnati, OH in late September. MPMF focuses on helping emerging artists gain quality exposure by performing for a dedicated and passionate audience.
Who attends Midpoint?
The festival atmosphere is always friendly and supportive as musicians, fans, and professionals all enjoy the Midwest’s annual musical mecca.
Are there any daytime events other than shows?
We’ll have seminars for emerging musicians during the day.
I’m so excited for MPMF 09. Are there any events before the festival to hold me over until September?
Yes! We’ll be hosting a Summer Concert Series on Fountain Square. More of that to be added later. Check the festival section of this site for announcements regarding the Summer Series.
Who’s the dude with the mustache I keep seeing everywhere?
That’s our Cyclops riverboat captain, Monty. He calls Cincinnati his home port and serves as MidPoints mascot.
Where can I buy MPMF 09 stuff?
We’ll have t-shirts available online, and of course you’ll be able to score some slick merch at the Summer Series and at MPMF 09.
I’m from out of town and don’t know my way around Cincinnati. Anything to help me getting from point A to point B?
Let us guide you. Maps will be provided clearly laying out each venue, and providing the path of least resistance to get you to that next show.
How can I get from one show to another that may be far away?
Once again, Toyota has stepped to the plate and provided MidPoint with a fleet of Scions to provide transportation between venues. There will be designated pick up and drop off points, so just go to one of those and grab a ride.
Who played last year?
We featured special performances from Robert Pollard, Mates of State, Why?, Jukebox The Ghost, Felice Brothers, Ha Ha Tonka, Sonic Boom, Radio 4, The Sadies, AA Bondy and introduced the first of MPMF's ongoing independent record label showcases.

Artist Submissions

When is the deadline to submit?
The deadline was May 1. Don’t procrastinate next year.
What kinds of bands play at Midpoint?
Good ones. But seriously, everyone is welcome at Midpoint. We invite musicians from all genres. Acoustic, Alternative, Americana, Avant-garde, Electronic/Dance/DJ, Folk, Funk, Latin, Pop, Punk, Reggae, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, and Soul
How many bands do you accept?
We invite about 250 bands from around the world.
How do you judge/pick the bands?
We take every band whom has submitted, listen to the tracks, and use our scientific process to determine which bands best suit the MidPoint Music Festival.
When/How will I be notified if I am accepted into MPMF?
We guarantee we will review and notify all bands by May 30, 2009. You’ll receive word via mail and e-mail.