We've been having so much fun applying Monty and his message to sweet stuff that we thought it wouldn't be fair to keep him all to ourselves. Now you can play with him too.

Monty's easy – get some

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Feel free to download artwork to make your own sweet midpoint swag, but please be cool about it and don't try to alter his well coifed look. Go ahead and use whatever colors you want, use crayons and whatnot but don't go giving him an extra eye or a shave... he may be easy but he doesn't like that.


MPMF O9 Assets as PDF
MPMF O9 Assets as Illustrator AI

MPMF Colors
pms-tab Red Warm Red C C 0% M 88% Y 97% K 0% R 245 G 64 B 41 #F54029