Getting down to the nitty-gritty. This space is here to address any questions, concerns, or curiosities you may have about MPMF. If you’re visiting from within the Queen City, traveling from abroad, or if you want to lend a hand (physically or monetarily) you can get all the particulars right here.

Tragic Accident for The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

The Scotland Yard Gospel ChoirOn Thursday, September 24 The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir experienced a terrible accident after their van blew a tire and flipped over on I-65 on the way to Cincinnati. The crash destroyed all of their gear, and hospitalized six band members, including one with spine fractures. Reports from their label, Bloodshot Records, say three have been released, but others remain in serious condition.

Anyone interested in helping the band members out with what are sure to be costly medical bills, the band's label has set up a site for donations. To help click here. MidPoint Music Festival wishes them all the best and hopes for a full recovery.

Take Monty home with you.

Our beloved, one-eyed Midpoint captain wants to be loved by all of you. We've provided artwork for download on so you can do whatever you please with him. Slap him on your page, make a shirt, knit a satchel of sorts... hell, get a tattoo - just don't mess with the stache.

Go grab Monty's assets.

M to the F 09


MPMF fans – at long last, the 09 schedule is here. Check out the venues and lineups now, and start planning for your MPMF.09 experience. Don’t forget to use the forum to kick around some musical dialog about the bands, or anything MPMF related. Rock on MPMFers.

SIte Updates

We have made some updates to the website, including a new flickr community page. Here you will find links to view photos we have taken, as well as a collection of your photos from MPMF08. As we move into the summer, be sure to post your shots to our flickr pool.

We have also added discussion links for every post on the site. Now you can join the discussion and talk about your favorite bands that will be appearing at this years festival. Join the forum.

FAQ Now Online

We have posted our FAQ, though no one actually asked us these questions. It's more that we are guessing these are most likely the questions you want to ask. Hey, if you have a question we didn't answer, why not contact us and we can answer you directly. If you ask really good question, we may even add it to the FAQ.