MAINSTAY takes a plush sexy lounge with brown leather seating and gives it a strong, edgy rock & roll vibe. You're not gonna hear hip hop, mash-ups, drum & amp; bass, downtempo, or trancey house music at MAINSTAY. Think more along the lines of classic and modern rock with a twist. Framed photos of rock stars line the walls, and the bar mixes up a tasty list of specialty cocktails. MAINSTAY is a new venue with a tribute to all things rock & roll. Dual DJ booths and a stage fit for a rock star, or a band of them, allows for multiple live entertainment options.

Mainstay Rock Bar
96Rock Stage

Mainstay Rock Bar


Thursday – Sep 24
12:00 Rosella
11:00 Halo Stereo
10:00 Loudmouth
9:00 Stereo Deluxe
Friday – Sep 25
12:00 Red Card Royale
11:00 Jiva
10:00 Echo Son
9:00 MachineGun Mojo
8:00 Salient
Saturday – Sep 26
12:00 Black Saints Cartel
11:00 Sweet Cyanide
10:00 Numa
9:00 The Highgears
8:00 Lead Pipe Cinch
301 W 5th St
Cincinnati, OH 45202