This is the nerve center for any info or announcements pertaining to MPMF.09. Here you can get the scoop on which bands are playing this year’s fest, where they’ll be playing, and when their set starts. You can also get the details on the Lite Brite Test, our music conference and the MidPoint Summer Series.

kim taylor

Kim Taylor KIM TAYLOR (Cincinnati, OH): A magnetic vocalist and songwriter, her gauzy singing is her most immediately grabbing element, her voice floating in the same hemisphere as smoky, emotive song merchants like Fiona Apple or Beth Orton, but with the liquidity and phrasing of a classic, creative Jazz chanteuse like Billie Holiday.

Kim Taylor is confirmed to perform at MPMF09.

Check her out on MySpace.

sarah borges and the broken singles

Sarah Borges SARAH BORGES AND THE BROKEN SINGLES (Boston, MA): Springing forth from their Americana roots, this band is now exploring new terrain. An illuminated and diverse creative impulse has guided their music to be "the soundtrack for Saturday nights, not Sunday mornings." Highly danceable.

Sarah Borges and The Broken Singles is confirmed to perform at MPMF09.

Check them out on here.

Mock oRange

Mock Orange MOCK ORANGE (Evansville, IN): A post-Punk sound for a post-Punk world. For the ex-skater who still wants his mind blown and expanded while driving in rush hour traffic. For the punk who wants something more to chew on.

Mock Orange is confirmed to perform at MPMF09.

Check them out on MySpace.

Eat Sugar

Eat Sugar

EAT SUGAR (Cincinnati, OH): Proclaimed to be the next 'Nati band to go national with buzzing vintage synth sounds and danceable, jerking rhythms and subtle Electro experimental quirks in the mix. There’s even some Art Rock horns here and there, which makes the songs even more interesting.

Eat Sugar is confirmed to perform at MPMF09.

Check them out at

Middle distance Runner

Middle Distance Runner

MIDDLE DISTANCE RUNNER (Washington, D.C.): With elements of heavy rock and shoe-gazing layered beneath the accessible surface, MDR's highly-caffeinated live performance shows extreme musical talent and bombastic showmanship.

Middle Distance Runner is confirmed to perform at MPMF09.

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