This is the nerve center for any info or announcements pertaining to MPMF.09. Here you can get the scoop on which bands are playing this year’s fest, where they’ll be playing, and when their set starts. You can also get the details on the Lite Brite Test, our music conference and the MidPoint Summer Series.

Jake Speed and the Freddies

Jake SpeedJake Speed and the Freddies Cincinnati) Folk, Americana: One of Cincinnati’s favorite Folk sons, Jake Speed is a traditional songwriter in the style of early Folk music. With a sometimes cutting, always charming wit and a clever take on a variety of social/political issues (among other topics), Speed and his amazing Americana backing band The Freddies have matured over the years, developing their retro-ness into something more unique and dynamic. Garrison Keillor loves ‘em (the band was on his Prairie Home Companion); so should you. Check them out and you probably won’t be able to help it.

Dig: Woody Guthrie reborn as a smart, redheaded 21st Century troubadour.

Washington Platform 8:30 p.m. Friday Check them out here.

The Test Begins Now - Lite Brite Film Test

Lite Brite Film Test How do you make the coolest indie music festival in the Midwest even cooler? Add indie film! The Lite Brite Film Test, created in 2004, introduced people to locally produced films along with other international film festival efforts and indie rock. But the Test was perhaps too successful in its growth with talent and smart audiences; it needed a new direction. The **Contemporary Arts Center ** is the perfect venue to bring together films with MidPoint's music and audiences.

Programming will include the best shorts from Ottawa’s International Animation Festival **and the **International Film Festival Rotterdam. Plus, see two local films from Pizza Infinity. Check out the schedule online or download a PDF.


johnnytwentythree johnnytwentythree (Cincinnati) Indie Rock: This politically minded local outfit’s performance at InkTank during 2007’s MPMF remains a personal festival favorite, a dynamic display made all the more powerful due to the makeshift venue’s intimate environs and Stephen Imwalle’s spot-on visional accompaniment. For the uninitiated, johnnytwentythree delivers mood-altering soundscapes that flow from shimmering atmospherics to intense, guitar-ringing crescendos and back again. Expect to be moved.

Dig: Explosions in the Sky, a vocal-free Sigur Ros. (JG)

Contemporary Arts Center 10:30 pm Friday Check them out on Myspace

Tracy Walker

Tracy WalkerTRACY WALKER (Cincinnati) Acoustic Folk Soul Pop: A longtime presence in the Cincinnati music scene and one of the most beloved singer/songwriters in the area, Tracy Walker’s soulful Neo Folk songs are made transcendent by her stunning voice, a powerful instrument that sends chills up the spines of most anyone within hearing distance with a heart. Walker has released two widely acclaimed full-lengths and her regular touring has made her a regional favorite.

Dig: Singer/songwriters whose singing and songwriting are equally jaw-dropping.

Coffee Emporium 7:30 p.m. Friday Check her out on Myspace

Magic Shop

Magic ShopMAGIC SHOP (Detroit) Garage Country/Rock: With a vintage sound driven by chiming guitars and head-bob beats, Magic Shop is a Motown-based Garage band with a rootsy streak and a solid knack for Pop songwriting. The vocals have some of that Iggy swagger, with a hint of a snarl creeping out of the alluring melodies.

Dig: Early Stones jam with early Byrds in Mudhoney’s basement.

Blue Wisp Jazz Club 11 pm Friday Check them out on Myspace