This is the nerve center for any info or announcements pertaining to MPMF.09. Here you can get the scoop on which bands are playing this year’s fest, where they’ll be playing, and when their set starts. You can also get the details on the Lite Brite Test, our music conference and the MidPoint Summer Series.

The sundresses

Sundresses THE SUNDRESSES (Cincinnati, OH): Protest and revelry. It’s shame, hope, humor and glory. It’s spiteful. It’s revealing. It’s lyrical prophesizing to guitar, bass, drums and trombone. It’s Blues, Bluegrass, Punk, Garage Rock and/or Roll. It’s brutally honest, and each song has such a familiar sound that you swear it’s a cover, but it’s not. The Sundresses are that good.

The Sundresses is confirmed to perform at MPMF09.

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MidPoint's Indie Summer on Fountain Square, every Friday May 29-Sept 4

Indie Summer Series

Returning after last year’s successful introductory season, Fountain Square’s Indie Summer Series is partnering with Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival for the Midpoint Indie Summer: a run of 15 happy-hour concerts every Friday evening from May 29-September 4! MidPoint Music Festival (MPMF) is excited to take part in the fantastic opportunity Fountain Square continues to provide Cincinnati’s musicians and their growing fan base.

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Dick Prall

DICK PRALL (Chicago, IL): porch pop evoking the sonic midway between Matthew Sweet and the Old 97s, between Josh Rouse and Pete Yorn, between chocolate and potato chips.

Dick Prall is confirmed to perform at MPMF09.

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The Rosewood Thieves

THE ROSEWOOD THIEVES: NEW YORK CITY...with their immersion in vintage rock, folk and gospel records, they find elegance in simplicity...They are the percolating governors of keeping things cool...If this decade has produced a more spot-on channeling of John Lennon's late-'60s snarl, we have yet to hear it.

The Rosewood Thieves are confirmed to perform at MPMF09.

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The Subjects

The Subjects

THE SUBJECTS: BROOKLYN, NEW YORK...sweet harmonic backdrops with elements of chaos and dissonance that are perfectly placed and seemingly inevitable… pit boyish innocence against the weighty reality of our world and live performances that throw crowds right in the middle.

The Subjects are confirmed to perform at MPMF09.

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