Know Theatre

Saturday – Sep 26 – 10:00

Asheville, NC

stephaniesid is indie pop revelry! We always play with heart and lust and gusto, because there's no point in doing anything else. We care about things in the world. We often brood about them. But not for terribly long, as there is no real gain in taking the human condition too seriously. The music, like life itself, is striving, searching, inconclusive, and (hopefully) beautiful. There are weepy synthesizers, vibraphone lines, thick bass notes, masterful keyboard sounds, and coquettish, curly, tenacious female vocals, sung by Iowa-birthed and Texas-raised former gymnast Stephanie Morgan.

We have chosen to live in the best city... Asheville, NC, in the mountains. And they've voted us "Best Indie Band" here, 3 years in a row! People who live elsewhere and read about us are apt to think we've got banjos on our knees. Though Steph wishes she knew how to play a banjo, we trust that people are able to look around obvious identifiers.

We used to just write a lot of things about the history and accolades of the band in this section, but it's boring to read. Suffice to say we've been around for about 5 years, we like to tour, and people in increasing numbers are buying our records and coming to hear us play.