for algernon

for algernon

The Segway Room
Friday – Sep 25 – 8:00

for algernon began as a recording project for jason to play around on as many instruments as possible and see if he can make a few songs out of it all.

While writing and messing around he also became better at navigating around computer recording and the noisey mess began to take the shape of 3 minute folk/pop songs.

Never louder than a whisper about to break to full voice, for algernon blend catchy melodies, heartbreak, dry humor, literary references, melodica and strumstick solos to create a sound that is honest and unique with room to breathe.

The newest release "an ungentlemanly act at sea" came out in September 2007 and is available by request and at shows. Work on the next record is well under way with hopes of a summer 08 release, the working title is "consequence of change".