Yourself and the Air

Yourself and the Air

The Lodge Bar

Saturday – Sep 26 – 12:00

The saying goes, "Go pollute yourself and the air", soon after the aimed party excuses themselves, and continues to smoke a cigarette, or an overseas "fag".

In this case, Yourself and The Air is current title for the brother- hood of 5 friends whom set their sights on a musical quest. The union is made of of Erick Crosby, James David, Nicholas David, Jeff Papendorf, and Drew Rasmussen.

Forever, the bands home base is in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Although this may hold true, YATA is eager to claim territories of the United States of America, and all of our world, as home. Be sure to check our schedule, for we will be coming to you shortly.

"Friend of All Breeds" is Yourself and The Air's latest release which is available on this website.There are two prior, named "Hola mi Cielo" (2006), and "Cold Outside Brings Heavy Thoughts to Think" (2007) are also available on this website and elsewhere on the internet.

We thank you for your time, Yourself and The Air.