You, You’re Awesome

You, You’re Awesome

Contemporary Arts Center

Saturday – Sep 26 – 10:30

You, You're Awesome is the collaboration of Cincinnati residents Kevin Bayer (creator of and Yusef Quotah (formerly of Kamikaze Saucers). Spending most of 2008 writing and recording at Ultrasuede Studios with Brian Niesz (production on The Greenhornes, Wussy, Heartless Bastards), they've crafted a six-song EP that hones in their synth/atari/real drum sound. Starting with the up-tempo 'International Fan Club of the World' to the NIN-esque sounds of 'Pay the Rent', it's electronic music for the masses.

Following up You're A Fun Drunk was the six song EP, You're My Superhero recorded within 6 months of each other, which found the band growing in new directions and on occasion, a more serious tone. During these sessions, the band recorded a remix of Radiohead's Reckoner that became #1 most popular on The Hype Machine in its first week of release. Other popular remixes they've done include Obviously Cold by England based The Answering Machine and How To Be by Chicagoans Coltrane Motion.

With only a handful of shows under their belt, YYA has already wowed Cincinnati audiences with its high energy live show. Combining a synced video projection with Yusef’s energy and Kevin’s focus, it’s a feast for the ears and eyes.

Both EPs are played in regular rotation on as well as numerous songs being featured on their LocalLixx program.