Havana Martini Club
Thursday – Sep 24 – 11:00

The fusion of soul and rock. An old school passion with new school pop sensibility.

Bursting through generation barriers and worn out trends -Winslow’s music is timeless. Their musical journey has already led them to sharing the stage with such high profile acts as Incubus, OAR, Lupe Fiasco, Ozomatli,OK GO, GZA of Wu-Tang Clan, Lovedrug, and Fastball. Recent accomplishments include and being named Cleveland's Best Original Band by Cleveland Scene Magazine.

Winslow’s trademark sound has already caught on with industry veterans such as Gene Shelton formerly of Motown Records (Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye) and sax great Branford Marsalis.

Studied musicianship combined with passion propels this live experience. It is energy. It is driven. It is an out pour of raw emotion that keeps crowds coming back for more.

“There are times energy is in form of passion and angst and others it’s in the form of dancing and solos. There is always a genuine energy that lets everyone fully grasp and experience the story we are telling.” Explained Martin.

An asset to Ohio based FTF Records; Winslow recently released their much-anticipated first full-length album with the likes of legendary keyboardist Bernie Worrell (Parliament/Funkadelic and The Talking Heads). Hailing their Crazy Kind of Love across the Midwest and beyond, in less than two years Winslow is opening eyes as they change the music landscape in every region they move through - laying it on thick to bring it to a city near you.