Watson Park

Watson Park

Cadillac Ranch
Thursday – Sep 24 – 10:00

Watson Park is a band quickly gaining recognition in the Cincinnati music scene. Their highly anticipated new E.P. entitled "Maine to California", released April 4th, has the band very excited, and for good reason.

Their pop/rock debut, "Maine to California" sounds more like a collection of singles rather than an E.P. Each song draws you in and leaves you wanting more, and the next track delivers.

What's more remarkable is how the band reached this point. In 2006 their drummer, Nate Staggs, was diagnosed with leukemia. The band went through a significant change during that year Staggs spent in and out of hospitals. Their passion for music became stronger than ever before, and more importantly the band realized how much they enjoyed it.

Watson Park found their sound a few months after Staggs went into remission in late 2007. They spent most of 2008 refining the details and were ready to hit the studio in late 2008.

In 2009 the band began covering Akon's "Beautiful" in their own style. Due to the fanatic response the band will be hitting the studio to record the track in late April. Look for it on their Myspace page.