Vanity Theft

Vanity Theft

Know Theatre

Thursday – Sep 24 – 9:00

Springboro, Ohio

Vanity Theft is a four girl indie/alternative rock group from Springboro, Ohio whose music has a demand for attention that is hard to ignore. Forming in 2005, the band consists of Alicia Grodecki on keys/effects (harmonica, bells, tambourine, you name it) and vocals, Brittany Hill on lead guitar and vocals, Lindsey Keene on bass, and Elyse Driskill on drums.

Vanity Theft first made a name for themselves in 2006 with the release of their EP "Symptoms" which was described as: “a five-song EP that is artistic, engaging and captures a wisdom that reaches beyond a typical debut. It is professional and smart, with concrete, fully developed lyrics.” –Citybeat (C.A. MacConnell)

Since the release of the EP these four have been turning skeptics into fans with their energetic live show. “Brittany Hill (guitar, voice), Alicia Grodecki (keys, voice), Elyse Driskill (drums), and Lindsey Keene (bass), are earning respect and fans throughout the Midwest playing upbeat, catchy, and melody driven music that borders on indie and hard rock” –Dayton Daily News (Kris Neises)

Now they're taking the Midwest by storm with the release of their first full-length album "PostScript: Pace Yourself," named the number 1 debut local album of 2008 by Dayton Daily News. This 10 song release is full of catchy, upbeat tunes that will keep you tapping your feet and rocking out all the way through. This breath of fresh air will only grow as Vanity Theft continues to tour, playing with and for anyone who wants to have fun and hear something new.