Twilight Revival

Twilight Revival

Know Theatre

Saturday – Sep 26 – 9:30

Based in Chicago, Twilight Revival’s sound has been described as “Midwestern garage” and "cut from the same heartland cloth as the Replacements and Uncle Tupelo." They are often compared to local heroes Wilco, but the band’s sonic roots extend beyond their backyard – from Woodstock to Athens, from the UK to the Pacific Northwest.

The band formed in 2006, debuting with a series of year-end shows in Chicago, and released their first self-titled EP in 2007. Equal parts bombast and nuance, the Twilight Revival EP showcased intelligent hook-laden rock n’ roll that is authentic but unassuming. After a key personnel change in 2007, the band regrouped to fully exploit its core strengths – building infectious hooks out of graceful vocal harmonies, soaring guitar riffs and rolling backbeats, all dressed down in the finest rags of modern indie rock.

In early 2008, the band signed a record deal with Mile Long Records and released its first full-length album, “Parlor,” in early 2009. Part raucous rebellion and part folk revival, it alternately growls with intensity and simmers in ominous quiet. These are tales of heroes and ghosts, loss and redemption, despair and salvation. Tradition and experimentation share equal billing, yet the album remains cohesive – unified by an underlying sense of purpose and conviction in both the writing and performance.

The collaborative nature of the band’s songwriting results in a broad cross-section of sounds and influences as everything from guitar riffs to lead vocals trade hands from song to song and verse to verse. Beneath all the well-crafted hooks and sonic adventurism, Twilight Revival’s sound is rooted in an undercurrent of sincerity and conviction. Their style is equally nostalgic and visionary ... a worthy representation of American music’s past, present and future.