The Pinstripes

The Pinstripes

The Lodge Bar

Friday – Sep 25 – 11:00

The ska and reggae sounds that back up the reputation of Cincinnati's The Pinstripes are distinctly fresh and unique. In more than five years of playing music together, they have crafted a niche for themselves in the local and national ska and reggae scene. Tight horns and an even tighter rhythm section, covered by soulful vocals make them a must-see act. Energizing audiences alongside many influential modern ska and reggae acts such as The Toasters, Catch-22, The Aggrolites, and Mustard Plug to name a few, The Pinstripes have played more than 150 shows all over the country, from Chicago to New York to Miami.

Since the initial days of the band, forming as an outlet to play music in high school, the recurring theme has been self-reliance and progress. Recording two full-length albums, booking four national tours, and even writing their own band biography, The Pinstripes have developed a certain pride in doing things without outside help. And the results have been impressive. The Pinstripes' latest album, THE DECAY, has won respect from all who have listened. Noted ska/reggae blog praised, "It's really easy to find yourself moving to the sounds of ska, reggae, dub, funk, punk, and more. The Pinstripes capture these styles, and fuse them into finely crafted album for any music lover." In the fall of 2007, the album was the basis for The Pinstripes' nomination and eventual acceptance of CityBeat Magazine's Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best World Music Act of 2007.

Despite members being spread out at universities in Cincinnati, Columbus, Nashville, and Chicago, The Pinstripes use the time they have together effectively and productively. Summers are dedicated to touring, and practice, shows and recording take place on any other available weekends. This work ethic has set The Pinstripes apart from many of their contemporaries, and continues to open doors for them along their way. Keep your eyes and ears open for The Pinstripes coming to a city near you!