The Minor Leagues

The Minor Leagues

Subway Bar and Lounge

Saturday – Sep 26 – 10:00

Patrick Helmes and Ben Walpole started recording as The Minor Leagues in 2001 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Five years and 56 band members later, their body of work includes four albums, each loaded with lush pop arrangements and heaping helpings of melody.

Ben would like to fashion the band as Ray Davies fronting The Clash with Phil Spector on production, but the truth is a bit more varied. Their home-recording aesthetics and love of off-kilter sounds keep things interesting, with more than enough hooks to keep things accessible.

Long-time Minor Leaguers Jesse Rogers and John Kathman came back in the fold for 2006 as the band recorded and released their epic concept album, ‘The Pestilence Is Coming,’ and toured the Midwest with Albino Vega. Later that year they worked on what was to be their follow-up to ‘The Pestilence Is Coming’ however were forced to put the project on hold.

Over three years later, the band have resumed working on the finishing touches to ‘This Story Is Old, I Know, But It Goes On’, with newest Minor Leaguer Hilly Kenkel in the mix on vocals and keys. They will perform with a triumphant return to the stage September 26th for the midpoint music festival at the Subway Bar and Lounge in Cincinnati, OH as well as a planned fall, winter tour.