The Happy Maladies

The Happy Maladies

Inner Peace Center
Saturday – Sep 26 – 8:30

Since Spring of 2008, The Happy Maladies have been living, loving, and learning in their home of Cincinnati, Ohio. Guided by their kind and gentle cat, Dylan, they try to write and perform emotional and engaging music using acoustic instruments. The influences range from the wails of Joanna Newsom to the whales of Northern Minnesota -- and they would love to be influenced by you.

"Engaging technique and wicked improvisation make this band worthy of a lasting, curious stare. Abundant talent, yes, but it's their playful release that keeps the crowd hooked." - C.A. MacConnell, CityBeat

"Their music (much like their meal) is entirely group oriented; yet each element is completely recognizable and unique in its own regard. Some aspects stand out at certain moments, but the experience is delicious in its entirety." - Sean Peters, News Record

The Happy Maladies' debut full-length,* Sun Shines the Little Children*, will be released October 16th at Rohs Street Cafe!