The Crick Gypsies

The Crick Gypsies

Washington Platform
Friday – Sep 25 – 9:30

Americana- Roots- Rock band playing Original American Music written by Patrick Ewing.

In his 2008 review of Ewing's solo release "After This Cigarette", City Beat Music Editor Mike Breen said:

"Whether political or personal, Ewing sings in a traditional format about our crazy, mixed-up modern world in a way that listeners can easily identify with and latch on to. That may be Ewing's greatest appeal — his songs are more like a wise buddy talking to you at a bar, devoid of any didactic "I'm the singer, you're the listener" separation."

The Crick Gypsies played MidPoint Music Festival 2008, Fountain Square, Southgate House, Oakley After Hours and other Cincinnati gigs since forming in 2008.