The Chocolate Horse

The Chocolate Horse

Havana Martini Club
Friday – Sep 25 – 11:00

The Chocolate Horse project began in 2005 as Readymaid lead singer Jason Snell’s side-project. Snell wrote and tracked simple 2-minute one-liners with an old acoustic guitar, sometimes a banjo, on a 4-track recorder that only had two working tracks.

Snell shared his slo-core, folk-tronic tunes with ex-Readymaid multi-instrumentalist, and good friend, Andrew Higley. Higley contributed French horn and experimental saw and bow, which lead to a couple small local shows.

Having built a solid set together, the two approached Paul Brumm (Filament, Keynote Speaker). After playing upright bass on early recording sessions, Brumm joined The Chocolate Horse full-time.

After a year and a half of playing shows and recording at the P-Lab (Brumm’s studio) and The Stable (Snell’s studio), The Chocolate Horse have completed their debut vinyl record on Stable Records, "Patience Works!"

Currently the Horse is booking shows to support the LP and rehearsing material for a follow-up, due in fall, 2009.