The Bloodsugars

The Bloodsugars

Know Theatre

Thursday – Sep 24 – 11:00

Brooklyn, New York

Armed with compelling hooks wrapped in sophisticated songwriting, The Bloodsugars have the uncanny ability to inspire even the most cynical audience members to get up and dance. Their infectious grooves and eclectic mix of influences make for an irresistible combination. The quartet connects all the dots between indie rock and 80’s synth pop – gluing them together with clever arrangements and relatable lyrics.

Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of nine, Jason Rabinowitz has always had a craving for sweets. With schoolchums Brendan O’Grady on bass, Matt Katz on synths, and David Beauchamp on drums, he turned that craving into a sonic wedding cake with the formation of The Bloodsugars. After recording BQEP Beauchamp has parted ways with the group to focus on his duties in The Jeffrey Lewis band. However, the Bloodsugars have been blessed with the addition of Kenneth Salters behind the kit. In addition to maintaining the band’s remarkable chemistry, Rabinowitz describes their newest member as one of the best musicians he has ever played with.

On BQEP, The Bloodsugars’ mastery of songwriting and arrangement manifests in the form of six songs that are each equally unique as they are instantly accessible. Navigating each track is like being a kid on Christmas morning, unwrapping gorgeous melody after melody, being both surprised and thrilled with each new discovery.