The Aviation Orange

The Aviation Orange

Below Zero Lounge

Friday – Sep 25 – 9:30

Located in the heart of Brooklyn's thriving music scene is The Aviation Orange, an Indie/Synth Rock band with a refreshing style and energy to match.

The mixture of guitars and synthesizers may not be something new, but The Aviation Orange brings their own unique tone to the genre. Intricate song writing, harmonization, and music layering is combined to make this band stand out. The Male/Female lead vocals are an ear catching element that adds the icing to the cake. Similarities can be drawn to various bands. From The Pixies to New Order, all the way to more modern bands like Kings of Leon and The Shins.

The Aviation Orange brings excitement and energy; not only to their studio recordings, but also to their live shows (from loft parties in Brooklyn to NYC's Mercury Lounge).

The bands early recordings and shows drew positive reviews.

"Mixing sounds of The Cure and your favorite garage rock indie band, The Aviation Orange have a hit in the making here. Everything comes together to create a very atmospheric sound that's tight and engaging." -Under The Gun Reviews

"I could easily be pinned as one of those people who like to claim ownership of bands, or at least their discovery. You know, one of those a-holes that's always like "Pshaw, I listened to them like 5 years ago." And here I go again with The Aviation Orange, a Brooklyn-based band that I've seen KICK ASS live." -Adri Leya, Happy Blogtime

This early recognition lead to a summer '08 tour and a featured live performance on Combined with their affiliation as a artist and their upcoming debut LP, they will be making their biggest splash yet.

Big Things lie ahead for the Aviation Orange.