Terribly Empty Pockets

Terribly Empty Pockets

Know Theatre

Friday – Sep 25 – 9:00

Fountain Square
Saturday – Sep 26 – 9:00

Columbus OH

A band who prefer Peter Pan (creamy) peanut butter to Skippy, aka, the rich kids’ peanut butter. Some have referred to their songs as “ineffably witty”. Others have called it “a travesty”. The Pockets fancy themselves somewhere in between.

The Columbus quintet crafts sleek pop songs with dual-keyboard wobble and incredibly nice buried pop hooks. The group has a knack for English/New Zealand inspired nervous pop that recalls The Wedding Present, The Bats, The Clean and American favorites such as Talking Heads and Magnetic Fields——music that makes your feet dance and your face smile.

Terribly Empty Pockets’ “Sexy World” 7-inch was released in January of 2005 on Columbus Discount Records. Their CD/EP “Get Wet” was released in June of 2006 as a co-release between Columbus Discount Records and Anyway Records.