Sexual Disaster Quartet

Sexual Disaster Quartet

Blue Wisp Jazz Club
Saturday – Sep 26 – 9:00

Sexual Disaster Quartet (SDQ) considers itself the luckiest band in the Southeast. It seems miraculous to have gathered five prodigious talents who have similar artistic vision into one band. Each member has studied music in an unrestricted and personal way and brings this study to bear in a cenergetic collective experience. SDQ endeavors to engage the listener's primal instincts first- dance till the sweat pours off your chin- and then entice the intellect and the soul to hunger for what might be next.

"We play what we like", is the most often given response to the question, "What kind of music do you play?"

Jazz, rock, funk and soul are the common ground all five players stand on. But then, just when you think you have SDQ pigeon holed we present hints of modern symphonic harmonies, electronic music of all kinds like Square Pusher or Eric Truffaz, Latin music- especially Brazilian- and more obscure folk musics which are too numerous to list here.

SDQ absolutely insists on honesty in both composition and execution, which means to us that although our "sound" is amalgamous we maintain a concise direction without meandering into hazy discombobulations.

Most importantly, SDQ's members have a blast playing our music. We live to play live before throngs of convinced people who are having the time of their life. We want to make the audience feel something, whatever that might be.

Now you're likely wondering why our quartet has five members. "Sexual Disaster Quartet" (Irving Welsch) is the name of a short story with four one paragraph plots that are loosely related to each other. We chose this name not for the respect of the work as much as our identification with the title's implications for each of us. We hope each of you can relate as well and will let our music take the sting out or set the scene for your next, Sexual Disaster Quartet.