Red Card Royale

Red Card Royale

Mainstay Rock Bar

Friday – Sep 25 – 12:00

Skipping class to make music and ditching lectures to rock out! For the past few years, music has been priority-one for Red Card Royale, yet somehow they are graduating from Webster University (St. Louis, Missouri). Their study habits? Writing lyrics instead of taking notes, jamming in their apartment throughout quiet hours, and releasing their latest album, “Cover Your Ears,” during finals week in front of hundreds of screaming fans.

Taking the time to listen to Red Card Royale is never a regret, only a discovery. From the Pageant to Pop's to graduation parties, they unleash commanding live performances, keeping loyal fans loyal and virgin ears wanting more. Red Card Royale has funneled their musical tastes into a sound they can now call their own. This blend of heavy rock, harmony, and funk has been described by industry professionals as “shockingly good” on headphones and “a breath of fresh air” on stage.

With two albums and two music videos, two of the band’s four diplomas have already been put to good use: scrap paper for set lists.