Mainstay Rock Bar

Saturday – Sep 26 – 10:00

'Like a Bruise' is a fantastic rock song, so many great elements! Very cool and unique guitar riffs......" - Billboard Magazine - Winner in the 16th Annual Great American Song Contest - Category of Rock

"The MMC had the pleasure of being rocked this past November by undoubtedly one the hardest working bands in the region and on the east coast. Over the past 6 months NUMA has quickly risen to become one of the premier bands (I say THE Premier Band!) in the DC/Baltimore area. As I am sitting here listening to their hard charging single "Like a Bruise", I can see why it is blasting over the region's FM and college airwaves. The single is sure to make its way into regular rotation on many main stream radio stations as well." -James Caldwell - Director - Mid-Atlantic Music Conference Newsletter - April 15th, 2008

"NUMA combines classic hard rock with a melodic touch, making their sound fresh and familiar at the same time. Chad's vocal style is as smooth as they come, and his voice brings a rich harmony to the classic-rock infused grooves." -Jeff Say - Feature's Editor - Culpeper Star Exponent, September 7th, 2007