Moon High

Moon High

Know Theatre

Thursday – Sep 24 – 8:30

Columbus, Ohio

"These Ohioans make utterly transcendent Indie Folk that shimmers with organic grace. The five-piece should be the next favorite band of everyone entranced by the current Indie Folk revolution. Moon High's self-titled album (recently released in a gorgeously-packaged, handmade second edition, complete with Moonflower seeds) has attracted a lot of attention, largely by word of mouth. The band has been the toast of several music blogs, the modern day equivalent of Alan Freed taking a shine to your record promotion man's free and loose cash flow. Expect big things." -City Beat Magazine

"...We can't help thinking the Pernice Brothers with a little more nodding to the Phil Spector 'Wall of Sound' aesthetic. We really love it...and we're emailing people today about how they should sign this band." -MTV2 Subterranean Blogspot

"...The next night he saw Moon High, a stellar folk group that took the stage at SkyLab. As far as the many connected strains of freak folk, this sounds closest to Vetiver. It's a low-key mix of banjo, smooth vocals and brushed percussion. You'll be hearing more about these guys soon." - John Ross, Columbus Alive

"...Moon High may be my newest new favorite local band. The songs on their MySpace are quite nice." - Joel,

"...Delicate actoustic/folk music from Ohio. The kind of music that you would expect to hear laying in a meadow of beautiful flowers; while having butterflies flying above you singing the lyrics back to you." -MACRoCk Guide Book 2008