MidPoint Songwriters in the Round Saturday

Coffee Emporium

Saturday – Sep 26 – 10:00

Join us at the Coffee Emporium for a magical set of singer/songwriters in the round.

Charlie Cheney (Fremont, MI)

Caleb Hawley (Harlem)

Zeb Gould (New York)

Instead of an artist playing an entire set at once, performances in the round feature a handful of different artists on the stage together trading off one songwriter's song at a time -- in round. Sometimes the artist will offer their song alone, but the other musicians are free to join in, leading to some inspired improvisation.

We promise some surprise local acts along with repeat performances from songwriters who's bands have played at other points during MidPoint.

This stage is FREE. Be sure to grab a cup-o-joe and sink into the atmosphere at the Emporium.