Matthew Shelton’s Picnic

Matthew Shelton’s Picnic

Subway Bar and Lounge
Friday – Sep 25 – 11:00

Matthew Shelton has written a lot of songs and performs everywhere, all the time. He has played at bars, museums, diy dives, art galleries, coffee shops, rec centers, etc.

He has opened for Vampire Weekend, Daniel Johnston, Animal Collective, Wussy, Pit er Pat, Ariel Pink, the Hiders, Howling Hex, and the Sheds, to name a few.

Matthew Shelton was born in South Carolina. He moved to Cincinnati and studied painting and learned how to write good songs.

He has traveled and lived elsewhere, and enjoys sleeping on floors and grounds.

He believes in preparing as well as possible for an uncertain future,

and believes in every religion,

every ghost story,

every ufo sighting

and all the world's kisses.