Mary Bragg

Mary Bragg

Coffee Emporium

Saturday – Sep 26 – 9:00

Mary Bragg hails from south Georgia with an endearingly striking voice and her tunes will remind you of Patty Griffin. She sings with the passionate delivery of a seasoned vocalist and her songwriting evokes the beauty and emotion of a talented wayfarer.

She began her career as an americana singer-songwriter in Athens, Georgia, where she studied music and journalism at the University of Georgia, and quickly found her means of expression through singing and songwriting. She recorded her debut album Certain Simple Things in 2004 and is now announcing the latest gem from her field of songs, her sophomore album called Sugar, which is sure to reign in every listener with such stand-outs as "Sweet Skin", "The Paper Chase", and ballads "Stay With Me" and "Learn to Love Again".

Mary grew up in a musical home in a small Georgia town called Swainsboro. The youngest in a big southern family, she looked to her piano, guitar, trumpet & clarinet-playing siblings and parents for inspiration. Since moving from rural America in 2004, she has been investing in her career in places such as Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nashville, Athens and Atlanta. She began playing gigs and collaborating with musicians with backgrounds in a wide variety of genres including folk, americana, and jazz. Now based in Brooklyn, NY, Mary met upright and electric bass player Jimmy Sullivan in 2005.

When the two immediately felt a musical connection that could not be ignored, they began writing songs together and playing shows around New York in venues including Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End and The Living Room. In April of 2007, after a slew of we have to record an album now conversations, Bragg and Sullivan began selecting which songs belonged on the album, when Bragg hit a creative spurt she'd never experienced before.

Ultimately, Sugar became an album full of fresh, captivating songs which were fruits of that short period. The ensuing songwriting process picked up tremendous speed, which typically followed the pattern of Bragg beginning the song ideas with melodies and lyrics, then bringing them to Sullivan, after which, the songs became complete. A few short months later, they had the material they knew would make Sugar shine. Following a rigorous schedule they had mapped out, they quickly booked time at Excello Recording, with engineer Hugh Pool, and began hiring musicians for the record. They also hired Brooklyn-based producer Darius Jones for the project.