Love in October

Love in October

Know Theatre

Friday – Sep 25 – 8:00


Combining international musical influences and an indie-pop, rock sensibility, Love in October is the epitome of a band with multiple "genre" disorder. The new self-titled EP, releasing on May 26, 2009 in vinyl and digital forms, is an amalgamation of sounds, styles, and languages that is the result of a childhood spent dreaming in Swedish pop and innocence.

In the summer of 2006, native Swedish brothers Erik and Kent Widman formed Love in October while living stateside in Minneapolis. A move to Chicago found them the three essential members to complete the international quintuplet; Andrew Russell, Vik Chaudry and Ivan Sosa.

They announced their musical debut with the snappy Words of Sound EP, 18 minutes of nonstop, fast-paced indie rock. Their full-length, Pontus, The Devil, And Me, followed in early 2008, charted 45 on CMJ Radio 200, and received national acclaim. Kerrang! said of the group: "While ostensibly a rock band, [they] have an ABBA streak in them so pop they might just burst; the melodies and itchy keyboard lines jumping like Mexican beans."

The new self-titled EP, recorded and produced by the band, harkens to the sounds of disco dance rock and indie pop jamboree with an array of additional influential sounds that read out like a game of connect the dots.