Koala Fires

Koala Fires

Courtyard Cafe On Main
Friday – Sep 25 – 9:30

They will tickle your ear while stomping on your foot. They will kiss you on the lips then bite you on the nose. They are a quartet of rising post-punk rockers from Cincinnati, Ohio called Koala Fires.

Front man Matt Mooney (Super77) and bandmates Kendall Bruns (And How, I Invented It!), Dan Johnson (The Bell and the Hammer) and Mike Paolucci (Fizzgig) all came together with a common goal of creating an invigorating sound with heart-wrenching, thoughtful lyrics, catchy hooks, driving riffs and crashing percussion, and have created a passionate sound with inherent quirks built around words that jab you in the gut.

They are now boldly following in the footsteps of their evident influences (Pixies, Dinosaur Jr.) and ready to make a mark of their own. Their self-released EP “Sleep Tight, Lucky Grills,” showcases three songs that are landing them in front of prominent acts like Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head and The Seedy Seeds, and they are already back in the studio, ready to take their sound to new level and launch themselves on the indie-punk music scene with a dynamic sound and stage presence.

talk of the town: 2008 Cincinnati Entertainment Award Nominees for "New Artist of the Year"!

"the band has a manifest talent for crafting memorable riffs" - Tiny Mix Tapes

"Inspired by the glory days of American Indie Rock as it first blossomed, the Koala Fires' great melodies, slanted and enchanted arrangements and instrumental quirks make them appealing even if you weren't born until 10 years after You're Living All Over Me was." – CityBeat

"Koala Fires were fantastic…I was waiting all weekend for someone to put the rock back in indie rock, and they fit the bill." – BuyCincy.com