Kink Ador

Kink Ador

The Lodge Bar

Friday – Sep 25 – 12:00

Kink Ador is by no means a cool band; they don’t fit into a one-dimensional definition of moody boredom. Kink Ador is at the other end, a band full of heat, and full of passion; their sound is thick with both the rock and the roll, the groove is king. Their sound is likened to the Talking Heads and the Police.

The main songwriter for Kink Ador is the charismatic and deceptively cute Sharon Koltick, who plays bass guitar and sings lead vocals. Kink Ador songs are written from the point of view of bass guitar as the lead instrument, the groove of the songs stand as the strongest element. The pulse and the beat is driven further by the organic drum sounds created by co-founder Brad Naylor.

The collaboration between strong rhythms, meaty lyrics, and classic testosterone filled guitar sounds are what makes Kink Ador different. The band even adds horns, to have a soul vibe in the music. The sound of Kink Ador is stacked seductively from the bassy bottom rumbling under your feet, all the way up to the vocal melodies that hit you straight in the face.