John The Savage

John The Savage

Know Theatre

Thursday – Sep 24 – 9:30

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"One night, while on a worldwide voyage, a pirate captain fell in love with a fair-skinned gypsy. He courted her, they married and eventually gave birth to six beautiful children. They showered these children with weapons of sound: a piano, a megaphone, some guitars and a big-ass metal chain. The children mastered their sound, becoming one in the process. They called themselves John the Savage, and the people of the world smiled in acceptance." -- MKE

John The Savage is a new musical creation from Milwaukee, WI. They like to play dirty. They are made up of ex-members of such bands as The Rest, El Oso, Moonfire Funeral, Spransy & Kolb, as well as others. The lineup is:

Mikey Skorcz - Guitar, Accordion, Vocals, Megaphone Rita Szopinski - Piano, Violin, Aux Percussion Paul Fleming - String Bass, Secondary Vocals Andy Hartzell - Drums, Chains, Megaphone Mike Henderson - Trumpet, Trombone, Chains, Aux Percussion Ando Orlowski - Guitar, Mandoline, Accordion, Aux Percussion Rachel Icenogle - Cello, Bells

You can be find them at this url: along with updates and show dates as well as some live recordings and the video for “Sinking Ship” from a recent show at Mad Planet in Milwaukee produced by Joseph Strand with help from Alexander Boyes. Learn the words, and sing along… Thank you.