John Eichleay

John Eichleay

Arnold’s Bar and Grill
Friday – Sep 25 – 10:00

New York City's John Eichleay cut his teeth playing everything from rock n roll to folk, blues, and Gypsy jazz. The lingering traces of this early fluidity are not hard to find on his debut, self-titled album, due out October 7th on Copper Beech Records.

This album is really a collection of songs that were written in the last few years says Eichleay. "Poor Excuse" was written 4 or 5 years ago while "Tree Song" was finished just before we recorded. I thought it was a good idea to include songs from several different chapters of my life.? The result is an album that swings from genre to genre without ever seeming disjointed. Eichleay insists that "music is the genre. I have eclectic tastes. I want to put out albums in a variety of styles hopefully something about them all will be quintessentially 'John Eichleay'."

Eichleay began his music career playing with Alfonso Ponticelli in Chicago, with whom he played the Chicago Jazz Festival, as well as many other festivals across North America and Europe. He spent many years working as a guitar player, and after moving to New York, he decided to focus on being a songwriter instead of a "working"? guitarist, and recorded his self-titled debut at Dubway Studios in the city.

One of the stand-out tracks on his debut album is the warm, infectious pop of "Tree Song". My grandparents lived in the country, Eichleay explains. "They built a house on a hill top and planted a giant copper beech tree outside. We spent a lot of time up there as kids. ˜Tree Song" is all about that place. That tree came to represent my grandparents, my childhood, and the joy of being outdoors."

The melancholy "Poor Excuse" follows, a slower song lamenting an unrequited love, yet remaining sweet where others might all-too-easily verge on sappy. "Poor Excuse", like the album as a whole, is invitingly, disarmingly personal, shining with a rare authenticit