Mainstay Rock Bar

Friday – Sep 25 – 11:00

"With Zep-worthy riffs, Motown's five-year-old foursome Jiva has pile-driven its way to the forefront of the Detroit Rock scene. Dig It: Soundgarden, Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith" - Mike Breen Cincinnati CityBeat

"Growing up on the eclectic Motor City music scene, it's no surprise these moody modern rockers have a sound all their own. Mixing alt-rock with R&B, this fierce foursome is like Aerosmith meets Lenny Kravitz" - Metromix Detroit

"Familiarity works when the alt-rock wallop is right, and the Detroit area outfit really nails it on such tracks as "Far Beneath" and especially on "Heavens Too Late" - Johnny Loftus The Metro Times

"Got a sound that many will jam by...Larger than life guitar solos and riffs bring the "attitude" out of Jiva! All tracks are very well produced and uniquely arranged. It's obvious these musicians care about their music" - Catsask Music and Entertainment Magazine

"Their songs creep up on you; seductive at first, then suddenly shifting into rhythmic overdrive and inevitably carrying you out on a wave of climactic guitar. Good music, powerful performance, what more do you need?" - Michiganbands.com