Harley Poe

Harley Poe

Inner Peace Center

Friday – Sep 25 – 12:00

Harley Poe is an acoustic horror folk rock band with punk influences. They are similar in style to Violent Femmes. Their lyrics however, are extremely dark, with many references to horror movie subculture.

All of Harley Poe’s initial members came from the now defunct Christian band Calibretto 13. Upon disbanding in late 2004, Joseph Whiteford (vocals and guitar), Chad Serhal (bass), and Christopher Thomas (drums) went on to record an album under the name Harley Poe. “In the Dark”, which had originally been planned as a new Calibretto 13 album, was released in November of that year. Whiteford tours and records with a new band now; Serhal and Thomas are now involved in their own bands.

“The Dead and the Naked” was released in August 2006 and includes some new material in addition to live versions of songs from the previous album.