Hank and Cupcakes

Hank and Cupcakes

Below Zero Lounge

Friday – Sep 25 – 12:00

“…The distinctive edgy sound and overall attitude of this minimalist but successful duo is reminiscent of New York City’s energy and restlessness combined with bits of soulfulness and youthful spirit…” The Deli Magazine - NYC, 7.6.09

“…Armed only with a drum kit, a bass guitar and a complete disregard for their own limitations, the two smack and slap their way through herky-jerky dance-pop songs that bristle with sass and sexuality…” Fly Magazine - PA, 7.1.09

“We have fallen head over heels for Pop/Electro band Hank and Cupcakes… Mixing pop, rock and electro they stir up the genre's to create a new hybrid of pure, intelligent music that get's you ready for a night out…” Turn Up The Sound - NYC, 4.22.09