Flotation Walls

Flotation Walls

Subway Bar and Lounge

Saturday – Sep 26 – 9:00

"Flotation Walls have enough of an anthemic, larger-than-life sound...Nature [is] an album that has the breathtaking beauty and operatic scope of a far more experienced band." "After an impressive decade of wonderful music, Carlos Avendaño and company have come into their own." - The Other Paper

"A very special talent indeed....Avendano has obviously listened to a lot of British psychedelia of the, shall we say more whimsical nature, but he has brought that style bang up to date and firmly stamped his own unique identity on it." - Punk 77.com

"...unpretentious and accessible, and lots of fun even when it's breaking your heart....This disc will have you tapping your feet along to your own mortality - and that alone is worth the price of admission. Flotation Walls have produced a serious contender for 2009's indie album of the year." - Newsvine

"The hope intrinsic to tragedy and the horror involved with dreaming. It's an album that celebrates the affinity of opposites and the beauty that comes with realizing that life is complex and full even in its simplest instants." - New York Cool

"Apollo and the muses are crying: If Os Mutantes never recorded, if Scott Walker never put out I - IV, if Giorgio Moroder didn't buy a keyboard and the Boredoms never left Osaka at least we would still have this beautiful masterpiece of an album." - Digstation