Finding Fiction

Finding Fiction

Cadillac Ranch
Saturday – Sep 26 – 11:00

Finding Fiction's sound tangles wires of guitars into a starkly honest and thoughtfully austere tonic. Their songs are flash photographs of life in transition. Colorful, yet with faint undertones of subdued desperation, their lyrics blend the ethereal with the weighty, the hopeful with the melancholy.

NYC is a chaotic intersection of life all it’s own. With it's sink or swim drive, it's dirt and grime push, the city has always birthed music of a deliberate sort. Idaho by The Sea, the band's follow up to 2008's Plastic & Change EP, portrays an uncertain yet willful journey through it. The songs balance textured instrumentation with vocal harmonies and coil it all into a loose yet focused collection of soft hooks, patient writing and restrained arrangements. They are stories that sit comfortably inside a warm medium-fi indie rock soundscape.

A relatively young band that wholly embodies today's Artist 2.0/DIY work ethic, Finding Fiction's Josh Coleman, Scott Eisenberg, Tim Farr and Mario Santana work tirelessly as a cohesive unit with a dedication that is as much perspiration as inspiration. Pushing themselves ever further towards their goals of being a part of something larger than themselves. They've been called a rarity " a sea of artists who’d rather drown in their own noise than be too easily understood" (City Paper, Washington DC). Idaho By The Sea stands out as much for what it doesn't have, as for what it has. Space.

"We've intentionally left ourselves room to grow and develop, and that's exciting." This includes their schedule. Although the band has played 100+ shows across the country since Fall 2008 - including SXSW and soon to play NXNE in Toronto - they've managed to leave time for writing and recharging in NYC before going out on the road. Finding Fiction are currently preparing for the self-release of their full-length debut June 2nd, and booking their summer-fall tour in support of the album.