Eric Matthew Tepe

Eric Matthew Tepe

Mr Pitiful's
Thursday – Sep 24 – 10:30

Eric is an Alternative Rock singer songwriter, pulling from a dynamic mix of personal and musical influences. His songs and performances deliver an equally dynamic mix of feelings and sound. Eric exhibits sonic and songwriting characteristics of musicians/bands like Coldplay, Wilco, Sting, Jack Johnson, Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen to name a few. Heartfelt melodies along with intriguing, imaginative, and sometimes even fantastical lyrical compositions sustain his position as a diverse and completely original musician.

“Its quite natural for sounds, feelings, and imagination to guide my writing process. The technical aspects of my songs are an after thought.” – Eric Matthew Tepe

Without formal musical training, Eric Matthew Tepe has the innate ability to depict a whirlwind of inner personal thoughts, through his songs. Rather than working cooperatively with the framework music theory provides, Eric works within a freely creative space where the sound he hears is the sole guide for his work. In Eric's hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, he has made a name for himself as a brilliant songwriter, dazzling vocalist, and truly passionate performer.

In early 2008 Eric successfully released his debut album “Right Shirt Wrong Shoes” and has spent the last year playing shows in support of this album. More recently Eric has turned his attention back to writing songs with plans of heading into the studio for album number two in late 2009/early 2010. His current shows consist of songs from his debut album as well as a growing list of new songs providing a small taste of what Eric has in store for his second album.