Eat Sugar

Eat Sugar


Saturday – Sep 26 – 6:30

Cincinnati, OH

Eat Sugar formed in 2006 to create an exciting brand of Electro-fused Indie New Wave. The Cincinnati based band features drummer Greg Poneris, bassist / keyboardist Jim Reynolds and charismatic lead singer Aidan Bogosian.

When it comes to talent and creativity, Eat Sugar already has a prosthetic bionic leg up on most other upstarts. Singer Bogosian is the band's secret weapon. His vocals can be spastic and frizzy, as the herky-jerky music sometimes calls for, but there's an inherent soulfulness making it much more effective than the overly theatrical yelps of some of his peers. Poneris provides metronomic precision with an overheated energy threatening to short-circuit everything at any moment. Reynolds handles the propulsive synth assault guiding the jittery burble with a mix of gracefulness and aggression.

The end results of this ideal collaboration stand up to the best Electro Post Punk made today (in fact, they’re often as good as anything created in New Wave’s heyday). Though clearly informed by some modern influences, Eat Sugar's music easily passes as a treasured relic from 1979, thanks to their love of more antiquated synth sounds and dedication to never letting the machines override the human element and energy.

-Mike Breen, CityBeat, Cincinnati, Ohio