The Lodge Bar

Friday – Sep 25 – 10:00

Creatures!, Louisville’s hottest indie rock band, is turning heads with an original spin on popular music. With music that is described as daring, outspoken, energetic, and sassy, it is no wonder why Creatures! is becoming so popular.

The band consists of six members: two outstanding guitarists, Wes Carroll and John Braboy, Josh Inzer the intense bassists, on synthesizer/keys is the delightful Jon Cox, maintaining a strong rhythm on drums is Sean Smith, and with jaw-dropping vocals is frontman Kevin Fletcher. The music produced reflects off the personalities of the young men that sends goose bumps from head to toe. Drummer Sean Smith described Creatures! philosophy best when stating, “We want to bring back that sort of Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash attitude that was both dangerous and sexual…Our music is wild, it’s loud, it’s dirty, and it’s totally catchy.”

Some top influences of Creatures! are Saves The Day and Glassjaw. Creatures! has toured nationally with well-known bands such as Senses Fail, From Autumn To Ashes, and Emanuel. The band has also toured extensively with Victory Records’ Secret Lives! Of The Freemasons. While busy with a hectic tour schedule, Creatures! wrote and recorded several tracks and produced a music video for the song “Uh Huh, Baby, Yeah”. The songs, as well as the video, demonstrate the band’s love for a good time, scandalous women, and catchy tunes.

The current lineup of band members recently blended together, perfecting the bands sound. Like all Creatures! this band has evolved beginning as Tears Like Bullets, maturing into Monroe, and again seeking the perfect blend as Heartbreak Kid! With recent lineup changes adding a new bass player and introducing keyboards into their sound, these six talented musicians have now become Creatures!.