Come On Caboose

Courtyard Cafe On Main
Thursday – Sep 24 – 12:30

Cincinnati, Ohio

Come On Caboose began in 2007 as a solo recording project for singer/songwriter Coran Stetter. Recording demos at his home studio, initial live shows were filled out by friends and local musicians willing to lend a hand.

In April of this year, Stetter began recording his debut album in Indianapolis, Indiana with Tyler Watkins (Margot and the Nuclear So and So's). In between trips from his home in Cincinnati, Ohio to the studio in Indianapolis, Stetter was introduced to guitarist Chris Robinson. Being familiar with Robinson's previous work in local bands, Stetter asked him to come out to the studio to lay down some additional guitar tracks on the record. Assuming the role of lead guitarist, Robinson also recruited bass player Justin Pater and drummer Dustin Chow.