Coltrane Motion

Coltrane Motion

Subway Bar and Lounge

Saturday – Sep 26 – 12:00

'60s psych, shoegaze, Kraut-rock - there's plenty of musical influences swirling around in this Chicago-based duo's debut. Songs About Music is a pulsing romp of a long-player, with just enough meta-music intellect, drones, and guitar fuzz to keep our synapses firing and our toes tapping. - XLR8R

Onstage the two men come equipped with an arsenal of vintage gear and modern electronics in order to duplicate the swirling, thick layers of sound that fill each track on their debut album, Songs About Music.. Bond and Dennewitz give it their all in a live setting, making the more exuberant moments of Songs About Music feel that much more alive and immediate. The reckless abandon and barely-in-control movement of the band's shows are fantastically captured on the lo-fi, DIY release, and it's this fact that has helped Coltrane Motion recently swoop across the blogosphere like a virus of Tapes 'n Tapes proportion.. - UR Chicago

You can stand still at a Coltrane Motion show, but they're gonna give you every reason not to. Live, they stray from the thoughtful Electro-Pop of their albums into uncharted territory with the pedal to the floor and the headlights off. Call it Lo-Fi, Acid-Folk, Laptop-Rock, Avant-Dance, Garage-Punk, Brit-Nuggets, Indie-Tambourine, Post-Shoegaze, Neo-Soul or whatever else you can think of that shakes your booty. Call it an ass-roots movement. - Citybeat