Caleb Hawley

Caleb Hawley

Coffee Emporium

Saturday – Sep 26 – 10:00

Caleb Hawley has always wanted to be a professional baseball player. However, life did not grant him big muscles and outstanding eye contact. Instead, he was dealt the gift of fast fingers and massive vocal chords. After sadly realizing his circumstances, he set off to be a musician.

At 12, he learned his first Nirvana song on guitar. Due to the overwhelming response from the seventh-grade girls, he decided to learn more. First Metallica, next Pink Floyd. Then Dave Mathews or whatever else made people like him. Soon Caleb was the youngest bar hopper in Minneapolis, performing for “old people” all over the city.

A few years later, college came. He decided to head out to Boston and attend Berklee College of Music. He received a degree in jazz composition and was sent off to make a living in music, or in other words, die. He had to move fast, before his college loans got the better of him, so he re-located to New York City and in July of 2007, released his debut CD, “Greatest Hits”.

Since then he (along with his dog Fargo) has traveled miles upon miles performing at clubs, colleges, and festivals all over the country. In journey, he has had the opportunity to share the stage with the most famous of stars, though sadly due to crazy laws, we are not allowed to drop their names here on Myspace. In November 2008, he was a top five finalist in the annual New York Songwriter’s showcase. Things are moving along, though he still hopes to be a baseball player someday.