The Lodge Bar

Thursday – Sep 24 – 12:00

Buckra is a four piece of road happy, live music playing crazy bastards from Cincinnati, OH. We have recorded 3 full length CD's, 2 Ep's, and played over 400 gigs from one side of the county to the next. Here is what other people have to say about us.

"Admit it - in this ever-evolving, always advancing world, music doesn’t always keep up the way we think it should. But Buckra, with its swinging grooves and rockabilly/old school virtuosity, knocks the half-hearted bands off the stage and into the wings.

Rising from the gloom of America’s Bible Belt (Cincinnati, Ohio), Buckra is anything but Bible thumpers. Nah, these guys trudge through the layers of bullshit and grab at the heart and soul of music, leaving what’s left over for the less enthusiastic musicians to dig through. Not versed in sophistication, this is a majestic project that wallows in the glorious world of back woods brawls and beers.